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Financial Services:

By using technology as a tool, we transform what a business can be, and what people can do, to build long-term value for our financial services clients. With our decades of industry experience and wide range of FS business and technology consulting services, we can help you increase innovation, speed and agility to build a lasting competitive advantage.


Our US health care practice helps clients transform uncertainty into possibility, and rapid change into lasting progress. The health and social care industry is facing huge change. With new technology emerging and breakthroughs in medicine, there are many opportunities. Tekgence technology consultants work closely with the private sector organizations, designing and delivering innovative healthcare technology solutions which enable them to continue providing outstanding round the clock care for patients. Our data-driven, open-platform models and agile services are scalable and designed to drive growth across your business.


Retailers are operating in a stark environment. Not only are they navigating cut-throat financial difficulties, but they’re facing significant operational, supply chain, inventory and fulfilment challenges too. Servicing this increasing complexity is hard, so agility and expertise is needed. Our team of experienced retail consultants provide digital and IT consulting services to many of the world’s top retailers. From leading grocers to fashion houses, beauty and logistics providers. They routinely deliver innovative strategies, rapid turnkey processes and next-generation technology solutions.


Accelerate your transformation and solution delivery while keeping them cost-effective with Tekgence’s Telecom expertise.


Today data is the heart of businesses in the high-tech manufacturing, software, online and data services sectors. We partner with technology companies to modernize data and create platforms that deliver compelling experiences and operational maturity to unlock greater value.


Our Supply Chain Management solution provide by JDA and Blue Yonder solutions. We provide complete supply chain solutions like demand forecast, enterprise supply planning, transportation management, warehouse management. Our solution can integrate with all ERP software.

Make your transportation business truly modern and digitized to win more customers, boost profits, and stand out against competitors with Tekgence. Our top Talent pool are proud of their deep expertise in Transportation IT solutions

With Tekgence's expertise in Warehousing and a wide variety of software development capabilities, we can help you make tech your key differentiator. Use it as a tool to solve unresolved challenges and facilitate your warehouse operations via a custom WMS for inventory and stock control.

Expedite the best order management processes with our custom order management software development services. Validate orders together with shipping/returns and analyze BI data via our tailored-fit and advanced fulfillment solutions for better customer experience.

Benefit from the latest Inventory management trends and custom-built industry-specific software to better align inventory levels with the production demand, optimize inventory carrying costs, and mitigate your internal and external inventory-related risks